Culp Lumber Co. 1948Culp Lumber Company began in the early 1920″s by Henry W. Culp, Sr.. He owned a portable sawmill and put it in the reservoir of Lake Tillery to cut for the new reservoir. He had a planermill located at the present mill site in New London. From this small beginning a major North Carolina lumber business began.

Culp Lumber Company employs 100 people.The Company has a trucking, wood procurement as well as a sawmill, dry kilns, and state of arts planermill.

On the site the Company has a new state of the arts sawmill which produces 125 million board feet of pine lumber each year. This lumber is shipped mainly to northern markets into New England and west to the Mississippi River.

Culp Lumber Company also produces a large amount of by products which include wood chips for the paper industry, sawdust for the poultry business and bark for the landscaping industry. Logs are delivered, debarked, sawed, dried, and planed on the site in New London.

H.W. Culp Lumber Company is a 3rd generation, family owned company:

  • Henry W. Culp, III – President
  • Amy Culp Shelton – Secretary/Treasure
  • John Henry Culp – Sawmill Manager

We are a single shift mill operating 40 hours per week. Our mill is producing heat treated lumber under the TPI (Timber Products Inspection) certification.